• TITANOS Ester Alcohol Coalescent TDS,CAS 25265-77-4

    TITANOS Ester Alcohol Coalescent(similar to Eastman Texanol™ Ester Alcohol) is the premier coalescent for latex paints. It performs well in all types of latex paints, in a variety of weather conditions, and over substrates with different levels of porosity. It also works well...
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  • Beta Carotene 10%

    Applications: For animal premix and compound feed. Improve animal immunity and the survival rate of breeding. Promote animal growth, production performance, especially for female breeding performance. It is effective pigment too. Synonyms: B-CAROTENE BETA,BETA-CAROTANE...
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  • Canthaxanthin 10%

    Applications: It can be used for coloring poultry skin, feet, and egg yolk as an antioxidants. Improve animal immunity, reduce the incidence of a disease Synonyms: 4,4'-DIKETO-BETA-CAROTENE; 4',4-DIOXO-B-CAROTENE; FOOD ORANGE 8; E 161 G;...
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  • Tifynol 430 Series Wetting And Dispersing Agents

    Chemical Composition Blends of nonionic acetylenic diols and other surface active agents Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Multi-functional:wetting and dispersing agent,pigment grind aid Low equilibrium and dynamic surface tension,good foam control...
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  • 4,4'-methylenebis(2-ethylaniline) (M-OEA)

    Applications: M-OEA can be used for adhesive, filament winding, laminated wood , high performance coating and tank lining paint. It is an excellent chain extender for polyurethanes (PU) and also a curing agent for epoxides (EP). Trade name: M-OEA MBOEA DE-DDM Synonyms:...
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  • Tifynol 500 Series Low Foam Wetting Agents

    Chemical Composition Nonionic Ethoxylated Acetylenic Diols Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Low-foam dynamic surface tension reduction Improves wetting of low-energy or contaminated substrates Enhances rapid penetration of absorbent substrates Increases...
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  • Tifynol 600 Series Molecular Defoamers

    Chemical Composition Nonionic Acetylenic Diols Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Efficient knockdown defoaming,without causing surface defects Control of foam created and stabilized by other surface active agents Good compatibility Long-lasting foam...
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  • Tifynol 641 Series Defoamers And Wetting Agents

    Chemical Composition Nonionic Acetylenic Diols Surfactant Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Low equilibrium and dynamic surface tension, good foam control Improves wetting on various substrates Low water sensitivity Free of silicones or alkyphenol...
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  • TITANOS EAC12 Coalescent

    TITANOS EAC12 Coalescent
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  • TITANOS Cyclohexyl Ethynyl Carbinol,CAS 78-27-3, EINECS 201-100-9

    TITANOS Ethynyl cyclohexanol is molding silicone rubber storage stabilizer, a hydrosilylation reaction inhibitor. It also can be used in inks, paints and paint driers, acid corrosion inhibitor.ect.
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  • TITANOS TMDD 104E (2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol 104E),CAS 126-86-3

    TITANOS TMDD 104E(2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol 104E) 【Description】 TITANOS TMDD 104E is a Gemini wetting agent and molecular defoamer formulated to provide a unique combination of performance benefits, the unique chemical structure allows this products to provide...
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  • TITANOS Powder Flowing Agent 6088

    Description Titanos Powder flowing agent 6088 takes silicon dioxide as the carrier and adsorbs the same brand liquid flowing gloss agent BLP-402.The agent is a one for universal uses , which can be extensively used for the thermoset powder coatings such as pure epoxy, hybrid...
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