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Analysis: current situation of titanium dioxide industry in China and the problems
Nov 17, 2015

First, the overall situation of titanium dioxide industry in China

1. industry capacity and output

Due to the almost 15 years of sustained and rapid economic development of the country, leading to market growth of titanium dioxide, the result is a series of expansion projects and industries joined the project, make the production of titanium dioxide and output has increased.

2. the product structure optimization

According to international pigment grade titanium dioxide products proportion of common structure, rutile products accounted for 85%~90%, titanium products accounted for only 10%~15%. Most widely used rutile titanium dioxide powder, mainly for paint/coatings, plastics, rubber, printing ink, coating, decorative paper. Anatase titanium dioxide is used only on the international paper paper fiber fill, chemical fiber matting, and a small number of occasions.

The 50 's of the last century, our titanium dioxide products in non-pigment-grade enamel, welding rod, ceramic, 70 's gradually develop to pigment level titanium, 90 's, high grade rutile products began to appear in the market, and an increasing proportion.

3. apparent consumption

In accordance with the internationally accepted concept, domestic production plus imports, excluding exports, that is equal to the apparent demand for Apparent demand, meaning that the "apparent" does not mean "already" is consumed, and some may still be in circulation or in the warehouse.

2011 County's per-capita share of titanium dioxide 1.18kg, 0.7~0.8kg more than the global average. 2012 per capita consumption was 1.24 kg,2013 titanium dioxide per capita annual consumption of 1.29 kg of titanium dioxide, continue to rise.

Main producers

2013, China normal production of scale above full process type titanium dioxide powder production business total 48 home, factory total 57 a, which actual production in 100,000 t above of has 5 home Sichuan Dragon Python titanium industry, and Shandong East better, and Henan Bai Lee joint, and China Blue Star chemical and restructuring Hou of in the nuclear titanium dioxide, industry Qian 15 name manufacturers of actual production are in 50,000 t and the above.

Geographic distribution of titanium dioxide powder production enterprises in China

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