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In the steady growth in the titanium dioxide industry in China
Nov 17, 2015

Domestic titanium dioxide business after 20 years of effort, titanium dioxide business in China has become the world's largest titanium dioxide production country, but titanium dioxide technology there is still a certain gap between the advanced countries. But the Chinese titanium dioxide industry also continues to innovate their technological strength and produce the same quality and power of titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide production method and chloride by sulfuric acid method, however the majority of titanium dioxide production companies are using sulphuric acid method. Production of titanium dioxide using sulfuric acid method, in the production process will generate a lot of waste gas and water, which the environmental pollution is very serious. Production of titanium dioxide by chloride may be a continuous process, and compared to the chlorination production by sulfuric acid process is relatively simple, easier to control the quality of the product, can effectively reduce the generation of waste, and substantial energy savings. This is because the chloride in environmental protection, energy consumption and for some aspects such as the quality of the product, have a distinct advantage, power of titanium dioxide to titanium dioxide production is mostly used is chlorination. In the past few years, China will gradually use chlorination of titanium dioxide technology.

Current in the titanium dioxide industry, and in addition to using the chloride process titanium dioxide are more popular than denitration of titanium dioxide by our concern. Denitrification of titanium dioxide is used as a catalyst in the selective catalytic reduction, selective catalytic reduction is widely used in the process of denitrification. Professionals, catalyst needed per cubic metre of stock titanium dioxide 0.5 tons, according to the above calculation, the average annual demand of 80,000 tons of stock titanium, each year in the future will continue to increase demand for titanium dioxide.

Based on the above analysis, process of titanium dioxide industry in China is growing steadily.

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