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The Chinese titanium dioxide industry entered a period of structural adjustment
Nov 17, 2015

At present, the Chinese titanium dioxide industry speed increase from previous years into the development phase of the structural adjustment period. Because the global demand slowdown, excess capacity and strengthening the environmental constraints and other factors, forced the titanium dioxide industry to accelerate structure adjustment.

Structural and stage of overcapacity is the embodiment of irrational product structure of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide production with sulfuric acid method, 2014 the Chinese titanium dioxide industry association titanium white production by sulfuric acid 2.4663 million tons, rutile 1.8789 million tons and anatase 377,890 ton non-pigment 209550 tonnes chloride process titanium dioxide of less than 50,000 tons, only 1.78% of the total national production. Adjustment of industry structure, technical upgrade of chloride process titanium dioxide production speed is imperative.

Homogenization of titanium dioxide products in China is very serious, current low-end overcapacity problem is still not solved blind growth stage resulting from excess capacity, not solve, but still needs to import large quantities of high-end products, product homogeneity, low excess capacity is to achieve health, a major obstacle to sustainable development. Increasing product development to open up new areas of application in structural adjustment is a big topic.

The past two years, new normal environment market slows in China, domestic demand growth of titanium dioxide by delay, enterprises looking to international markets, in recent years, ranking first in the world in capacity and production, while exports continued to increase. 1998 export volume of only 30,000 tons by 2011 to 400,000 tons, also in 2011 to become net exporters, won recognition in the international market, but also exports to become the industry's dependence on large enterprises, gradually formed the export price upside down (export prices are lower than prices in the domestic market), so the export price of titanium dioxide began the process of diving.

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