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The main use of titanium dioxide
Nov 17, 2015

The main field of application of titanium dioxide: paints, plastics, inks, paper, paint, 60% plastic 20%, paper 14%, other (including areas such as cosmetics, chemical, electronic, ceramics) and 6%. Titanium dioxide as a coloring agent in rubber industry, and reinforcement, anti-aging, fill the role. White and colored rubber products include titanium dioxide, sunlight, resistant to sunlight, do not crack, do not change color, stretch rate and acid. Rubber with titanium dioxide powder, mainly used in car tires and rubber shoes, rubber flooring, gloves, sports equipment and other, generally dominated by anatase. But for tire production, often by adding a certain amount of rutile products to enhance resistance to ozone and UV resistance. Titanium white powder used in cosmetics are becoming increasingly widespread. Because of the titanium dioxide nontoxic, far superior to white lead, almost all with titanium dioxide powder instead of white lead and zinc white. Powder to be joined only in 5%-8% Titanium dioxide can be permanently white, makes the spices more creamy, adhesion, absorption capacity and coverage. Gouache and titanium dioxide reduces fat in the cream and the clear feeling. A variety of other spices, sunscreen, SOAP flakes, white SOAP and toothpaste can also be used in titanium dioxide. Water, cosmetic grade titanium dioxide into oil and titanium dioxide. Due to its chemical stability, high refractive index, no transparency, high hiding power, good whiteness, and non-toxic, are widely used in cosmetics, cosmetic whitening effect. Performance characteristics 1. High whiteness and hiding power. 2. Water and oil products it overcame generally not in their respective dispersion of titanium dioxide dispersion, defects such as precipitation, significantly improving its resistance of dispersion and precipitation, making your product more stable and satisfactory. 3. Strong weather resistance. 4. Good compatibility with other cosmetic raw materials.

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