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Titanium dioxide is used to do? Application fields and properties
Nov 17, 2015

Titanium white (titanium dioxide TiO2) stable chemical property, normally do not react with most substances. In nature there are three titanium dioxide crystals: Titanium, rutile and anatase types. Board titanium type is not stable of crystal type, no industrial using value, sharp titanium type (Anatase) referred to a, type, and gold red stone type (Rutile) referred to R type, are has stable of lattice, is important of white pigment and porcelain glaze material, and other white pigment compared has superior of white degrees, and coloring force, and cover force, and resistance waiting sex, and heat sex, and and chemical stability, especially no toxicity.

Titanium dioxide powder is widely used in paints, plastics, rubber, printing ink, paper, fiber, ceramics, chemicals, medicine, food and other industries. The coatings industry is the largest user of titanium dioxide, rutile-type titanium dioxide in particular, most consumed by the coatings industry. Made of titanium dioxide paint, colorful, high hiding power, stain, amount, variety, may play a role in protecting the stability of the media, and can enhance the film's mechanical strength and adhesion to prevent cracking, UV and moisture through, extended film life.

The plastics industry is the second largest user, adding titanium dioxide powder in plastic, plastic products can be improved heat-resistance, light resistance, weatherability, and improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic products, enhance the product's mechanical strength and extended service life.

The paper industry is the third-largest user of titanium dioxide, as a paper filler, used mainly in fine paper and paper thin. Adding titanium dioxide in paper, paper has a good brightness, gloss, high strength, thin, smooth, and printing does not penetrate, and light weight. Paper generally used without surface treatment of titanium dioxide anatase titanium dioxide, can play the role of fluorescent whitening agent to increase the whiteness of the paper. Laminated paper requires the use of rutile titanium dioxide surface treatment in order to meet the requirements of light resistance, heat resistance.

Titanium dioxide white pigment is indispensable to high grade printing ink. Containing titanium dioxide ink durable color and surface wettability is good, easy to disperse. Ink used in titanium dioxide rutile type titanium. String 3

Textile and chemical fiber industry is another important field of application of titanium dioxide. Chemical fibers with titanium dioxide as a matting agent. Due to the anatase rutile type soft, the general use of titanium. Surface treatment of chemical fibers with titanium dioxide is generally not required, but some special varieties in order to reduce photochemical effect of titanium dioxide, avoid fiber in the presence of titanium dioxide photocatalytic degradation require surface treatment.

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