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CEO of Titanos Overseas Group – Joseph Cheung 

 Joseph has served the chemical industry for 20+ years with the executive positions in the Asia Pacific and global responsibilities. Prior to joining Titanos, he was the managing director of the Fortune-500 Engelhard Corporation overseeing the Asia Pacific business development, Director for business integration & special projects at the BASF in Asia, a business consultant and entrepreneur as well as a veteran in financial institutions, specialized in the performance chemicals serving a broad array of industries in coatings, plastic, cosmetic, construction and other specialty market segments.

Joseph has led several business acquisitions and integrations successfully in his past careers. He has actively engaged in consulting for business development and M&A activities. He brings with extended resources and experience to support Titanos’ business development. Joseph earned his EMBA – global leadership at the Chinese University in Hong Kong and MBA – Total Quality Management at the Newport University in the U.S.A., as well as a number of accredited programs in financial and business management.

Global Sales Director of Titanos Overseas Group – C.C. Chiang

 From 2001 until Dec 2012, C.C. was at Elementis Specialties, Inc, as Commercial Director for Asia. Elementis is a multinational specialty chemicals company, manufacturer of special additives for coating, cosmetic, and oil field production applications. Last three years of his career with Elementis Specialties has enriched him with hands on experience which included acquisition, integration, synergy realization and growth from a business of US$30 million to US$140 million. It has been the most demanding, however the most fulfilling and rewarding years of a 10 years career with this business. Integration on teams, market, product portfolio, sales channel, and profit margin delivery has been the focus of his functions.

The most significant success of this career was creation of a successful distribution channel throughout Asia, entrance into key coating markets, and sales growth double in first 5 years.

From 1991-2001, he progressed from a sales executive to a senior post as general manager of Malaysia of Connell Bros Co Ltd, an American based industrial chemical distribution company with a wide network of distribution channel in Asia. This career has equipped him with essential skills in managing a successful business in all aspects, people, system of logistics, finance, strategic relationship maintenance.

He is a trained chemical engineer with bachelor degree, and a master degree in business administration.

Business Development Director (North America Emphasis) – Frank Copa

 Frank has over 30 years of diversified experience in the Specialty Chemical, Polymer and Additives industries with multinational corporate businesses in leadership roles and management advisory capacities for small to medium size industrial enterprises. His 19 year service with BFGoodrich Chemical Company included assignment as Asia Pacific Business Director and Frank served for 7 years as Director International Sales and Marketing for Americhem Inc.

In these leadership capacities he has created profitable growth businesses through management of cross-functional and regional teams that established corporate long term strategic value through infrastructure development, technology licensing, supply chain distribution expansion and commercial branding strategies.

Frank's extensive exposure to international markets and cross-cultural understanding include business development experiences in Latin America, Europe/ME & Africa and Asia Pacific regions. Also his experience includes understanding of chemical industries' downstream markets including the Construction, Plastics, Textile Fiber, Coatings, Inks, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and other specialty segments. Mr. Copa is a MBA graduate of Bowling Green State University (1981) with concentration in Business and International Management.

The Chief Representative in Korea – Y.C. Kwon

 YC has served the chemical industry for 28 years with managing director position in Korea. Prior to joining Titanos, he was the president of Withus Chem Co Ltd Korea since 1995. He was the exclusive agent and distributor of performance chemical Engelhard Corp. USA and several foreign chemical companies from USA, Europe, China and Japan, etc..
YC has developed high performance and effect pigments, Kaolin clay and additives for paint and plastic industries in Korea market with lion market share. 

He brings with resourceful market information, industry contacts and experience to support Titanos’s business development.
YC earned bachelor’s degree at Jeonbuk National University, Korea.

Chief Representative of South America Region – Jerônimo Marin Cruz

 Jeronimo brings with his 30+ years of professional experience in business development, general management and industry associations in coatings, polymers, automotive and other specialty segments into the Titanos group. His business expertise reaches out to global regions during his former careers as senior management executives in those multinational companies such as BASF, Engelhard and Mearl who are the industry leaders of high performance chemical raw materials.

 Jeronimo's participation into Titanos facilitates a highly effective business development process into the huge market potentials between the South America and China with the bilateral opportunities. His unique exposure in managing multi-cultural collaboration and aggressive sales development fits very well with Titanos' strategic intent to establish a strong and sustainable presence in South America, in particular in managing the global key accounts and those regional / local key accounts in the Region. Jeronimo also engages in building an infrastructure of industry-based sales team, distribution partners and other business collaborations, etc.


Jeronimo covers a vast geographic responsibilities and challenges in South America as the Chief Representative, similar to other regional business leaders at Titanos. He is committed to drive for business success in carrying Titanos' vision and mission for expansion into the global presence.

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