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Anatase Titanium Dioxide Introduction
Mar 01, 2017

English name: Titanium Dioxide

Traits: This product is white powder; odorless, tasteless. This product is insoluble in water; in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or dilute sulfuric acid insoluble.

Identification: take this product about 0.5g, add anhydrous sodium sulfate 5g and water 10ml. Mix, add sulfuric acid 10ml, heated to boil to clarify, cool, slowly add sulfuric acid solution (25 → 100) 30ml, diluted with water to 100ml, shake, according to the following method test. (1) take the solution 5ml, plus a few drops of hydrogen peroxide test solution, that was orange-red. (2) take the solution 5ml, add zinc tablets number of stars, placed 45 minutes later, the solution was purple blue.

Check: dissolved in water to take this product 10.0g, add ammonium sulfate 0.5g, add water 150ml, heating and boiling for 5 minutes, cooling, diluted with water to 200ml, shake. With two layers of quantitative filter paper filtration, the precise amount of filtrate 100ml, evaporated, dry at 600 ℃ to constant weight, leaving the residue shall not be over 12.5mg (0.25%). Acid dissolved in the product to take this product 5.0g, add 0.5mol / L hydrochloric acid solution 100ml, heated on the water bath for 30 minutes, stirring from time to time, with three layers of filter paper filter, filter with 0.5mol / L hydrochloric acid solution, combined Filtrate and lotion, evaporated to dry, at 600 ℃ Zhichang to constant weight, leaving the residue shall not be over 25mg (0.5%). Barium salt content of the test solution under the solution 1ml, add dilute sulfuric acid 1ml, placed after the muddy or sedimentation should not occur. Dry weight loss to take this product, dry at 105 ℃ for 3 hours, lose weight shall not exceed 0.5% (Appendix Ⅷ L). Incandescent to lose dry goods about 2g, accurately weighed, at about 800 ℃ Zhichang to constant weight, weight loss shall not exceed 0.5%. Heavy metal to take this product 2.0g, add hydrochloric acid 3ml, shaking 1 minute, add water 10ml, heating boil, filtration, filter residue washed with water, combined filtrate and lotion, set 20ml volumetric flask, diluted with water to the scale, shake. Precise amount of 10ml, drop the ammonia solution to the phenolphthalein indicator liquid was neutral, plus dilute acetic acid 2ml, diluted with water 25ml, according to the law (Appendix Ⅷ H first method), containing heavy metals shall not be over two millionths ten. Arsenic salt to take this product 0.25g, set 250ml conical flask. Add water 35ml, hydrazine sulfate 0.3g, potassium bromide 0.3g, sodium chloride 13g and sulfuric acid 17ml, equipped with a thermometer and airway plug, the other end of the air pipe into the water containing 23ml measured arsenic bottle, The heated flask was heated to 90-100 ° C for 15 minutes. Remove the arsenic bottle, cool and add hydrochloric acid 5ml, according to the law (Appendix Ⅷ J first method), should meet the requirements (0.0008%).

Determination of content: take this product about 1.0g, accurately weighed, set the platinum crucible, add potassium carbonate 2g, mixed evenly, in the 900 burning for 30 minutes, let cool, 20ml of water and 30ml of hydrochloric acid mixture of the residue into the residue 100ml volumetric flask, the water bath heated to the solution to clarify, let cool, diluted with water to the mark, shake, the precise amount of 10ml, add water 200ml and concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution 4ml, mix, precision adding ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid two Sodium titration solution (0.05mol / L) 50ml, placed 5 minutes, plus methyl red indicator solution 1 drop, with 20% sodium hydroxide solution neutralization, add urolopamine 5g. After dissolving, add 0.1% xylenol orange solution 1ml, with zinc titration solution (0.05mol / L) titration to the solution from orange to yellow and finally to orange red. Each 1ml ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium titrant (0.05mol / L) is equivalent to 3.995mg of TiO2.

Storage: sealed, stored in a dry place.

Chinese and Western medicine classification: Western medicine (including chemicals, biochemical drugs, antibiotics, radioactive drugs, pharmaceutical excipients))

Chemical composition: This product is calculated according to dry goods, containing no more than 98.0% TiO2.

Pharmacological effects: pharmaceutical excipients, excipients

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