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Recognition Method Of Titanium Dioxide Powder
Nov 17, 2015


The simplest method is to compare the handle, titanium dioxide are slippery, titanium dioxide and touching.

Water, hands caked with titanium dioxide, fake washed off easily, really not easy to wash away.

Take a glass of water, titanium dioxide into lost, come true, settled for a fake (if it is activation of product does not work properly).

Chemical method:

Mixed with light calcium carbonate or heavy calcium: Add dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, there are air bubbles can make clear lime water turbidity, because calcium carbonate reacts with the acid to produce carbon dioxide.

Mixed with Lithopone: adding dilute sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, smells like rotten eggs.

Made of latex paint, add iron, dark in color, indicating poor coverage is false or poor quality of titanium dioxide.

There are two good methods:

Using the same PP+30%GF+5%PP-G-MAH+0.5% titanium dioxide, lower strength, titanium dioxide (rutile), really.

Select a transparent resin, such as transparent ABS+0.5% titanium dioxide measured transmittance transmittance lower, more true of titanium dioxide.

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