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Super-dispersant On The Surface Treatment Of Titanium Dioxide And Its Application To Masterbatch
Nov 17, 2015

Hyperdispersant began in the 1970 of the 20th century, until in the 1980 of the 20th century system proposed by in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, hyperdispersants for its unique function, stand out in many dispersants, become one of the most remarkable additives.

Titanium dioxide as an inorganic pigment masterbatches are widely used. But in the process, the finer the pigment particles together, produce larger particles affect the product quality, which cannot be used directly, it must be decentralized. Pigment dispersion process can be divided into three stages: stabilization of wetting, thinning and thinning. Surface treatment is the process of stabilization of thinned pigments, pigment particles on the surface sediments or coated single-molecule or molecules of substances, including surfactants, modifiers, derivatives of the pigment itself.

Use of dispersants on the surface treatment of titanium dioxide, improving dispersibility of titanium dioxide, experiments found the use of dispersants for surface treatment of titanium optimal usage, optimal process conditions (temperature, pH-value).

Hyperdispersant's molecular structure is divided into two parts, part for anchor groups, such as-NR2,-COOH,-SO3H, and so on, these polar groups through ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces, and tightly adsorbed on the surface, prevents the superplasticizer to resolve. Another is solvated chains, which directly determines the stability of dispersed pigments in the solvent. To this end, the requirement of dispersing solvents, solvated chains have a high affinity to ensure good solvation, Super-dispersant in pigment particles form a certain thickness of protective layer on the surface, solvated chains stretch in dispersing solvents. When the pigment particles adsorbed superplasticizer approached, due to adsorption layer repulsion that particles bounce off each other, so as to achieve stable dispersion of pigment particles in the medium.

TiO2 paste, granule surface enrichment charge, easy and Super-dispersant anchoring groups (-COO-) is, on the surface of titanium dioxide particles to form a solid layer of protection through Super dispersant solvated chains (hydrocarbon chain) the spatial barrier, to achieve a stable dispersion effect of titanium dioxide.

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