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Titanium Dioxide Industry In China In Recent Years, Energy Saving Results
Nov 17, 2015

It is well known that sulfate process titanium dioxide powder process is longer, naturally a lot of energy, just as the titanium white powder fine chemical products, both domestic and abroad total is not much less noticeable. Actually in tons products energy consumption meter, it is far more than the familiar energy users of iron and steel, cement and other products consumed. The production of these products is million tons, or even the scale of billions of tons, its total energy does sound very scary.

When using different feedstocks in the production (including its energy consumption in production of raw material enrichment), the energy difference is relatively large, table 2 for 4 different raw materials compared with energy consumption during production of titanium dioxide.

More than 4 different route does not include the energy required for surface treatment, surface treatment of titanium dioxide, according to the different surface treatment processes, need to increase 83~120 KMJ/t TiO2. Titanium dioxide manufacture energy-consuming more natural production costs account for a larger proportion of, usually spending 20%~25% per cent of production costs of energy consumption, saving energy, reducing energy consumption is to reduce production costs, increase economic efficiency and sustainable development one of the important measures.

After the reform, the continued rapid growth of titanium dioxide production in China at the same time, also made a lot of achievements in energy saving and consumption reducing, for example as follows:

1 Shredder has been used in the past for ilmenite 4R and 5R Raymond mill, after 90 learning from project experience, 15,000 t/a above-scale enterprises are to air swept mill, compared with traditional Raymond mill, air swept mill high yield, low maintenance and easy to control, reduces 5~10 kWh of energy consumption per ton of ore.

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