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Titanium Dioxide Prices In 2016 More Than 10 Times To Achieve The Industry's Big Counterattack
Jan 12, 2017

2016 titanium dioxide prices soared all the way, according to monitoring data show that in 2016 the average rutile titanium dioxide factory price of 9900 yuan / ton, experienced a 13 large-scale rise, the rutile-type factory price at 16800 Yuan / ton, up nearly 70%.

As the world's best white pigment, due to its stable performance, high whiteness, hiding power, etc., titanium dioxide in the coatings, plastics, ink, paper and other industries have a wide range of applications in recent years, cosmetics, enamel, glass, etc. The application of the volume is also increasing. Such a wide range of chemical applications such as chemical products in 2015, with the vast majority of chemical products, experienced a dark one year, prices plummeted, profits shrink, titanium dioxide manufacturers operating bleak, and even make ends meet.

However, for the titanium dioxide, the 2015 trough actually fortunately passed, the market changes that affect the 2016 price trend?

Titanium dioxide costs, 46% of the titanium concentrate prices from early 2016 the average price of 510 yuan / ton rose to the current average price of 1,400 yuan / ton, up 180%. Moreover, with the continuous maturity of the market economy, titanium dioxide prices spike enterprises, the era of spelling has been in the past, to meet the needs of market development, titanium dioxide enterprises must continue to increase investment in scientific research and innovation, equipment, personnel and other capital investment.

2016 market supply and demand side also changed, the supply side, due to excess capacity in 2015, overseas titanium dioxide enterprises shut down production capacity of about 410,000 tons, China also has some titanium dioxide manufacturers through shutting down, limiting production and other ways to reduce business losses . This situation but to the 2016 price increases provide a basis for the same time, the market demand side of the timely recovery of real estate policy in 2015 to stimulate the property market, 2016 property prices rose crazy, steady growth in demand for titanium dioxide. Significant growth in overseas demand, China's total export volume of titanium oxide in 2015 was 538,394.4 tons, from January to November 2016 total exports of 658,464.006 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 36.38%. In November 2016, China's exports of titanium dioxide reached 63243.457 tons, up 59.15% year on year and 15.79% month-on-month. The top three exporting countries were India, the United States and South Korea. The top three regions were Sichuan, Shandong and Henan.

2016, the impact of market environment factors also include environmental protection policy, "supply side" reform; "supply side" reform mainly emphasizes structural reform, for the titanium dioxide industry, the policy will drive the industry capacity optimization, high quality, low energy consumption products Will become the mainstream market, affected by this, the market competition will become more and more benign, once the price war, adulterated products will be reduced by the cost of technological innovation and high quality products replaced by competition between. Environmental protection policy Relying on the whole community for environmental concerns, the recent Panzhihua industrial area well reflects the status of the titanium dioxide plant in 2016 also indicates the future.

Just a few lines just casually describe the price of titanium dioxide this year, a number of factors, for each titanium dioxide business 2016 are lucky. However, some companies have firmly occupied the top spot, some companies back to life, and some companies are still struggling. May have experienced the trough in 2015, and experienced the sweet 2016, titanium dioxide enterprises will face up to their own.

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