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Overview of China’s Titanium Dioxide Production and Titanium Ore Resources

With around 270 medium- to large-scale manufacturers, China is now considered as a big producer of titanium dioxide. Among all the titanium dioxide manufacturers, Lomon, Pangang, Doguide and Billions take the lead with considerable annual output and high reputation in the industry. According to recent statistics, China’s titanium dioxide capacity will surpass 4.8 million tonnes by 2015.

The majority of titanium dioxide products in China are produced by sulfuric acid process. Chinese manufacturers have made attempts on small-scale production by chlorination process, a more efficient and environment-friendly alternative. Currently, Jinzhou Titanium Industry is the only one that manages to make use of chlorination process, though many manufacturers are trying to establish chlorination process production lines.In 2012, China’s titanium dioxide capacity has reached 1.89 million tonnes, among which 69.9 percent are rutile type, 24.8 percent are anatase type, and 5.3 percent are non-pigment titanium dioxide. Average price in 2012 of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide are 20500 and 16500 yuan/mt.

As a mineral-rich country, China boasts abundant titanium ore resources. Proved and prospective reserves of vanadium titano-magnetite ore in Mainland China are 9.83 billion and 30 billion tonnes. Converted to titanium dioxide reserves, the amount would be 0.97 billion.

China’s titanium ore resources, mainly scattered in Sichuan, Yunnan and Hainan Province, account for 40 percent of total reserves all around the world. Panxi region in Sichuan Province and Chengde City in Hebei Province both possess industrialization base of comprehensive utilization of vanadium titano-magnetite ore, while Liaoning Province and Hubei Province are also rich in titanium ore resources.

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