1 Ethynyl 1 cyclohexanol

  • Tifynol 600 Series Molecular Defoamers

    Chemical Composition Nonionic Acetylenic Diols Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Efficient knockdown defoaming,without causing surface defects Control of foam created and stabilized by other surface active agents Good compatibility Long-lasting foam...
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  • TITANOS Cyclohexyl Ethynyl Carbinol,CAS 78-27-3, EINECS 201-100-9

    TITANOS Ethynyl cyclohexanol is molding silicone rubber storage stabilizer, a hydrosilylation reaction inhibitor. It also can be used in inks, paints and paint driers, acid corrosion inhibitor.ect.
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  • TITANOS Ester Alcohol Coalescent TDS,CAS 25265-77-4

    TITANOS Ester Alcohol Coalescent(similar to Eastman Texanol™ Ester Alcohol) is the premier coalescent for latex paints. It performs well in all types of latex paints, in a variety of weather conditions, and over substrates with different levels of porosity. It also works well...
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  • Tifynol 641 Series Defoamers And Wetting Agents

    Chemical Composition Nonionic Acetylenic Diols Surfactant Features and Benefits Specially for water-based systems Low equilibrium and dynamic surface tension, good foam control Improves wetting on various substrates Low water sensitivity Free of silicones or alkyphenol...
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  • TITANOS TMDD 104E (2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol 104E),CAS 126-86-3

    TITANOS TMDD 104E(2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol 104E) 【Description】 TITANOS TMDD 104E is a Gemini wetting agent and molecular defoamer formulated to provide a unique combination of performance benefits, the unique chemical structure allows this products to provide...
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