EINECS 201 100 9

  • Permanent RedHR-100 P.R.146

    Product description Color Index Pigment Red 146 C.I. No. 12485 CAS No. 5280-68-2 Chemical Group Monoazo Technical properties Permanent Pink HR-100 is a pink red pigment, with good performance in water based inks. Application Recommended for Textile Printing, Water Based Inks....
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  • TITANOS Cyclohexyl Ethynyl Carbinol,CAS 78-27-3, EINECS 201-100-9

    TITANOS Ethynyl cyclohexanol is molding silicone rubber storage stabilizer, a hydrosilylation reaction inhibitor. It also can be used in inks, paints and paint driers, acid corrosion inhibitor.ect.
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