TITANOS Titanium Dioxide Colorant

TITANOS Titanium Dioxide Colorant

TITANOS Titanium dioxide paste L368

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TITANOS Titanium dioxide paste L368


TITANOS Titanium dioxide paste L368 is the premier white paste. It performs well in all types of latex paints, in a variety of weather conditions.


Can mainly be used for all kinds of latex products, water-based ink, watercolor, paper making, leather, Mica and other systems in which synthetic resin is used as film forming material.

Physical Properties

CAS No:[13463-67-7]
C.I. No:77891
Pigments content:72.0 %
Solids content:74.5±2.5 %
Color Shade:Compared with standard
Tinting Strength:100.0±5.0%
Chromatic Aberration TiO2:1/1ST-△E≤ 1.0 ,1/25ST-△E≤0.80
pH value:7.0~10.0
Viscosity/ KU:80~105
Granularity/μm:D50 ≤ 1.00 D100≤5.00

Fastness Properties

Light Fastness:8
Heat Resistance/℃:200
Acid Resistance:5
Alkali Resistance:5


Pigment content:72.0%
Pigment Dispersant:10.0~20.0%
Environmentally friendly solvents:5.0~10.0%
Deionized water:10.0~20.0%

* Typical Properties not to be construed as specifications


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